Our Journey

Welcome to Rotty's Creations, the extraordinary realm where film and special effects intertwine with passion and artistry. Let us take you on a captivating journey through the life and vision of Kevin Rottaris.

Raised in a small farm town in southern Ontario, Kevin's love for films and the wonders of imagination bloomed within the wood shop nestled in his basement. It was at the tender age of five that he became enthralled with science fiction after experiencing the awe-inspiring world of War of the Worlds. As years passed, his passion for horror movies took root with Halloween at age six, and his curiosity with special effects grew when he witnessed the mesmerizing T-1000 walking through the cage door in Terminator 2.

However, it was the release of Jurassic Park that set Kevin's heart ablaze. Witnessing the lifelike dinosaurs crafted by the legendary Stan Winston ignited an unquenchable obsession within him. The film left an indelible mark, as he revisited it countless times in theaters and on video.

Fueling his creative aspirations, Kevin embarked on a journey of making short horror movies alongside his best friend. Despite familial pressures to pursue a traditional trade, Kevin's unwavering passion for the world of film remained steadfast.

Following high school, Kevin delved into machining and found employment at a steel mill, where a sense of desolation settled upon him. Listening to the tales of broken dreams from his coworkers only deepened his melancholy. Determined to break free from this despair, Kevin made a life-altering decision. After two years, he bid farewell to the steel mill and embarked on a soul-searching adventure backpacking across Europe.

Returning home, Kevin found himself navigating temporary jobs, toiling in factories and warehouses, and grappling with the hardships of minimum wage. A near-fatal encounter with carbon monoxide poisoning became a turning point, propelling Kevin to seek a career involving art. However, the prohibitive cost of formal education stood as a formidable obstacle.

It was during this time that Kevin turned to the Canadian Army for guidance and purpose. Joining as a combat engineer, specializing in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), he discovered a newfound love for fitness and served his country with unwavering dedication. Yet, the toll was heavy, as he left the military with hearing damage, a severe spine injury, and the haunting effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Kevin's journey led him to Vancouver, where he aspired to study video game design. However, financial constraints forced him to seek alternative paths. Applying for various jobs, his explosive background caught the attention of a special effects company, reigniting his passion for the craft. Over the next six years, he honed his skills in diverse shops, working on commercials, TV shows, and films of varying budgets.

However, the burden of his back injury and PTSD weighed heavily upon him. Isolation and depression crept in, exacerbated by strained relationships with his parents. Driven by the need for change, Kevin embarked on the path of entrepreneurship, experimenting with different ideas. It was through filmmaking and the creation of short videos that his true calling emerged.

Driven by a desire to delve deeper into the art of film, Kevin immersed himself in the study of cinematography, storytelling, visual effects, and the magic of filmmaking as a whole. In 2019, he relocated to Alberta with dreams of establishing a production company. Although the COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges to his endeavors, Kevin's resilience remained unyielding.

After years of renting, Kevin faced yet another obstacle when his landlord decided to sell the property, leaving him displaced. Despite this setback, he discovered solace and passion in leatherwork—a craft that ignited his love for working with his hands and provided therapeutic release. As he shared his creations at small markets, a profound realization emerged. Rotty's Creations was born, initially focusing on leather craftsmanship, but quickly blossoming into a full-fledged special effects studio—a convergence of all his passions.

Today, Rotty's Creations stands as a testament to Kevin's unrelenting dedication, where film, special effects, costumes, and prop-making unite to create a world of awe-inspiring imagination. Welcome to our realm, where the artistry of film and the magic of special effects intertwine to bring forth truly captivating experiences.

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